This is not just for birth mums but ANY amazing woman that is taking on the mother figure role.   I salute you x
From the moment you become a mum, life changes.   Time becomes scarce, your emotions are constantly on high alert and life is a swing from bliss to chaos.   Your time and energy is lovingly and endlessly poured into everyone else but yourself.

The pressure you put on yourself is HUGE!   The superwoman cape never comes off and you are tired.   Some of my clients say they function on autopilot and have lost the true essence of who they really are.

The truth is, you are hardly really present.   You eat on the go, you are multitasking like a ninja, you don’t actually know what makes you tick and your thoughts are always running riot.   The present moment is lost to the past and the future.

Now more than ever, the practice of Mindfulness is needed.   Mums are burnout and will continue to hinder their health and happiness if they don’t slow down.   More importantly – this chaos becomes a ripple for our kids, partners and friends.

When you are present, you are able to experience life fully and your mind and body begins to function at an optimal level.   Health and happiness soars and you feel amazing as for once you are connected and back in control.

I find these tools a HUGE help as they allow me to snap out of my irrational thoughts and refocus.   Remember that you can’t be stressed and calm at the same time.   These tools help you switch back into a calm state faster (even if only for a few brief minutes).   The best part is that they are EASY and accessible.

How to start your mindful mumma journey:

  1. Breathe
    Place your hands on your belly, feel your stomach rise and soften on each inhale and exhale.   This simple practice of breathe awareness creates calm within the mind and body.
  2. Get Focused
    Look at things around you.   Like REALLY look.   Notice the colours, sounds, movements and beauty that surround you.   Begin to observe in a non-judgemental way.   You could be in a café, in nature, at school,  at work, making dinner or driving in the car.   Get present and stimulate your senses by observing what is.
  3. Mindful eating
    Sit and chew your food, savour the tastes and aromas.   Your digestion can’t continue to manage your fast eating approach forever.   Instead of nicely chewed food, your food is swallowed in chunky bits.   Working conditions in your gut become below par, performance suffers (as does your health).   This is health 101 for those trying to lose weight or manage digestive issues.

Remember to start small.   Even if you start with one tip, you will be giving your mind and body the change to experience calm.   Calm leads to a healthier and happier state as your body and mind can get on with their job.

You’ve got this x