Who else gets all reflective at this time of year?    I think about all the things I have achieved,  the people I love,   the people that have been my biggest opportunities for growth (i.e. the people that have challenged me senseless),   the impact of my ripple ( i.e how I show up in this world)  and finally,   how I can show up even brighter in 2016.

This mini personal audit helps you take an internal check of your own happiness barometer.  At the end of  the day, we all want to feel good … so here are my snippets of wisdom from 2015.

My 5 key lessons from this year 

  1. Take responsibility for your own happiness
    If something is off, you can change it.   It may not always be a comfortable or easy decision but you can CHANGE anything. The only person keeping you stuck is yourself.  Think of health and lifestyle habits, relationships and jobs.
  2. Spend less time in your head and more time in your heart.
    The mind wants you to over analyse and control every situation.  It keeps you stuck through the repeated shoddy stories it tells you. When operating from your heart, you detach from the negative and surrender the need to control.  You unleash the most powerful aspect of yourself …. Being present.
  3. Yoga and meditation is a no brainer.
    Through the practice of connecting breathe and body – calmness, clarity, happiness and bliss awaits you.
  4. Self-Care is not selfish – it’s a necessity.
    Focus on what is important to you and what nurtures your soul.   Know what you want and prioritise these things every day.
  5. Be ruthless with who you invite into your life and spend time with.
    People either inspire, nurture and lift you up or they drain your energy.   Your energy (your presence) is the biggest thing going for you.  Don’t spend time with people who make you feel anything less than amazing.

If you think someone you know can benefit from these steps… share the love!

To your health and happiness always xx