Does this sound eerily familiar?   You want something badly.   You want to change.   You know it will serve your health and happiness.   You know it will benefit your family and life as a whole.   However, you instantly think of a million excuses why it won’t work.   The timing isn’t right.   It costs too much.   Change is just too hard.   What will people think?   Am I good enough to succeed?

Don’t worry, I have your back … well actually my 8 year old step daughter has your back.

I was at miss 8’s netball game over the weekend and just before she went on the court she turned to me and said, “I’m going do to really well and get some goals”.   Keep in mind Goal Shoot is not her preferred position.   I did the parental nod of love, with that secret smile of ‘sure love, just remember to have fun’.

Within minutes she had skilfully claimed two goals – beaming with pride and achievement.   I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this pocket rocket to claim her power, the court or her craft in such an unapologetic way.

Watching from the sidelines – be it an actual court or the periphery of your life – this is where you will find the insight and gold.

She got me thinking – what can I learn from her?   On a side note please don’t be fooled by the mirage of age.   You can learn from everyone.

Miss 8 reminded me of the simplicity of life.   When you want something enough, your attitude shifts, this positivity fuels your cells, giving your body the signals to react accordingly.   Change happens.  Success happens.   It really is that easy.

So how do we apply this to our daily lives? Specifically to those desires we see as unattainable?

The ball is in your court ……

  • Know your motivation – why do you want it?
  • Acknowledge the fear but turn down the fear dial
  • TRUST yourself – let it radiate through your cells
  • Expect the best outcome
  • COMMIT to the outcome

Sometimes support or accountability is required to break through these stages.  Reach out if you are ready to commit to your goals.

To your health and happiness always