Last weekend I spent the day in Sydney with the ultimate spirit junkie – Gabby Bernstein.

What is a Spirit Junkie you may ask? Well here is my stance …

For some, the word spiritual can seem a little ‘woo woo’, or religious focused or just plain leftfield – everyone has their own story and experience. For me, being spiritual is about running life through a love filter – every decision, thought and experience (good or bad). It’s about knowing and trusting that the universe has your back, that your thoughts and intentions become things and that life is a journey of free will. It’s about finding a deeper connection within and knowing that a greater support system is ALWAYS at the ready.

How am I spiritual? I’m on a journey to get to know myself, to show up as me with unapologetic confidence (love that saying). I meditate, do yoga, get out in nature, show up for opportunities to learn and grow, share the ripple effect of love through a myriad of roles as mum, wife, friend, coach, daughter, family member etc . I do fall off the bandwagon most days – I can compare myself to others, berate myself, worry, stress, judge, up the feisty or down play the real me. BUT with the right spiritual tools in tow – I can get back on the love train pretty fast.

So back to Gabby’s workshop!

You know it’s been a great workshop when you can’t really explain the context of the day. It’s a feeling, an energy, a knowing that some great personal shifts and growth has occurred. Gabby is an incredible woman and being in a room jam-packed full of other spirit junkies is something pretty unique.

A few key words of wisdom (thanks goodness I took notes):

• We are responsible for how we perceive what we see and experience
• Take steps every day to lean towards love
• Collect the good stories (not the crap stories that your ego creates)
• Presence of fear is a sure sign that we are relying on our own strength and not tuning into our inner wisdom.
• Measure success by how much fun you are having (LOVE this one)!!!

The success of my Internal Balance Model lies in a threefold formula: nurturing your mind, body and soul. It’s worth exploring and investing time in finding a spiritual practise that works for you. Take baby steps. Start with a meditation practise, a yoga session, breathe work, journaling or just some crucial timeout getting to know yourself. A new habit apparently takes anywhere from 21 days to kick in, so focus on one thing, commit and watch the quality of your life change xx

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