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Educating on the impact of living in the stress lane

A little bit about me

I’m a corporate health and wellness speaker and a yoga and mindfulness teacher who loves to educate people about the impact of living in the stress lane. I teach simple tools which can be used every day to sustain health and happiness.

I have seen first-hand that many people have common struggles when it comes to balancing their lives, and I find it immensely satisfying when the simple but effective actions that I teach have a huge impact for them and the organisations that they work for.

My current corporate wellness and speaking business was born from making sense of my own challenges – challenges common to many modern people. While working in the fast-paced corporate world, coupled with a lack of self-care practices and becoming a stepmum, I suddenly found my relatively uncomplicated life seemed a lot more stressful. I suffered health difficulties and anxiety and this resulted in me struggling to conceive – a heart-breaking situation for any woman who wants babies.

Through implementing the wellness strategies that I now teach, I was able to manage my stress and take back control of my life, my health and ultimately build a successful business and solid blended family unit.

Due to recent Health and Safety legislation changes, stress recognition and management has been placed firmly at the top of the agenda for directors’ meetings. Tarryn Bellingham workshops assist employers to reduce stress and stress-induced illness that impact on health but also productivity at work. My workshops are an investment in improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace, leading to happier, healthier employees, better bottom line profits and a positive societal impact.

Tarryn Bellingham Corporate Wellness Seminars
Tarrynn Bellingham Keynote Speaker
Tarryn Bellingham

Tarryn Bellingham

Tarryn has spoken at many of my retreats and always covers the topics I ask of her with depth and knowledge.  I love how she brings in examples and makes the topics relatable to everyday life, giving our attendees something to take home with them to practice.  Tarryn is an excellent speaker and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Catherine Southwick, Stoney Creek Retreat

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