About Tarryn Bellingham

Tarryn Bellingham is corporate health and wellness coach and a yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Corporate Wellness – Help me grow and keep me safe!

Corporate Wellness – Help me grow and keep me safe! All businesses want to succeed – that is a given!  Regardless of what your current beliefs and perceived importance on workplace wellness may be – most employers can agree that nurturing and supporting their employees will pay dividends to their company’s bottom line. When staff [...]

Miscarriage: Finding Calm within the Chaos

Stress Management and mindfulness is my passion and forte – I’m employed to educate corporates and individuals on the impact of living in the stress lane.  I know what tools work.  I know how to help corporates support their employees which is turn pays dividends to their company’s bottom line. My generic stress management tool [...]

Radio Live Interview: Start your New Year right, without regret

Miles Davis talks with Tarryn Bellingham about the New Year. Tarryn is all about making a positive start in 2018 by looking back on 2017 with no regrets. She wants to ditch the R-word (resolutions) and start using the words mindful and grateful Listen to the full interview here

The AM Show – How to keep Christmas Stress at Bay

The lead up to Christmas is always manic with a ramped up social calendar, responsibilities, expectations & financial pressures. Health and wellness adviser Tarryn Bellingham spoke to Duncan Garner about how to manage stress leading up to Christmas Watch the video for the full interview

The new-age business asset of mindfulness

As published in the EMA Business Plus Magazine - November 2017 The former CEO of one of the toughest industries in the world, Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, suggests mindfulness can provide a competitive advantage. To quote her: “There's nothing touchy-feely about increased profits. This is a tough economy. ... Stress-reduction and mindfulness [...]

Why unplugging is good for your health

Do you wake up and immediately reach for your phone to check the latest Facebook or Instagram post or skim read your list of unanswered e-mails? Do feel the knot in your stomach tighten as your morning ritual is underway and feel the stress pot begin to boil? Do you then berate yourself for your [...]

My Tips for a Healthy Diet

When was the last time you tried one of the 100 diets on the dietary theory roulette? Researched and read what felt like pages of facts and figures but still couldn't work out some of the biggies -  is dairy good or bad? Is Paleo too much protein?  Is raw the new way forward? Which is the best diet? Vegetarianism?  Blood Type?  [...]

5 Steps to Holistic Happiness

Who else gets all reflective at this time of year?    I think about all the things I have achieved,  the people I love,   the people that have been my biggest opportunities for growth (i.e. the people that have challenged me senseless),   the impact of my ripple ( i.e how I show up in this world)  and finally,   [...]

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