Corporate Wellness – Help me grow and keep me safe!

All businesses want to succeed – that is a given!  Regardless of what your current beliefs and perceived importance on workplace wellness may be – most employers can agree that nurturing and supporting their employees will pay dividends to their company’s bottom line. When staff are happy and engaged, this creates a fertile environment for a thriving and safe workforce.  Everyone wins.

So what’s the formula to success?

Now more than ever, being a “good employer” is not enough.   Employers want to know how they can grow their people, their productivity and the overall happiness of their workforce and how to keep themselves safe from a legislative perspective. Employees want a workplace that cares for them and that sees them beyond a competitive, productive and sometimes disposable asset.

Although corporate wellness is not vouching to be the only contender for success in these areas, Health and safety legislation does show it is a key part to the puzzle.

Changes to the Health and Safety legislation act now include “mental health” in the definition of “health”.   Gone are the days when health and safety is isolated to a well-structured office layout devout of hazards and risks. Employers now need to identify hazards and risks regarding the mental health and fatigue of their employers, contractors and volunteers.   This includes the emotional well being of employees and highlights the overall company culture, work-life balance and strategies for managing stress and workload.

From a legislative perspective – do your due diligence.   Placing employee wellness as a side note of little importance is no longer acceptable. To safeguard your business and employees; stress recognition and management should be placed firmly at the top of the agenda for directors’ meetings.

How to safeguard your business

Regardless of your businesses size, employers need to change the way they approach corporate wellness. For some, this may be a new experience.

  • Change comes from the top
  • Change comes from open dialogue
  • Change comes from bite size chunks
  • Change comes from accountability

These initial steps are crucial for a business to address when forming their corporate wellness strategy. Success requires a leader who walks the talk, a committee or rep to act as a workplace advocate, implementing a measurable strategy and a review system to safeguard any risk to the employer.

Corporate wellness is an investment in improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace, leading to happier, healthier employees, better bottom line profits and a positive societal impact

For more information contact Tarryn Bellingham, Corporate Health and Wellness Adviser.