Who do you need to forgive?

Have you noticed how we are so unbelievably hard on ourselves and others?   How we commit 100% to believing the crazy and warped stories we tell ourselves.   Not only do we renew our subscription every day but we treat these stories like a prized possession, print them out in colour, bind them and then place them on our mantel piece for easy access.

Some of us even go a step further and attempt to make ours a best seller by implementing a full blown marketing campaign to create further exposure. Healthy… I think not!

Wonder why we harbour such resentment to ourselves and others? Someone forgot to tell you that cancelling your subscription was an option.

So here we go Ladies …. I give you permission to create a new series.

The TWO main reasons why you should practice Forgiveness every damn day:

  1. HAPPINESS – living in the PRESENT moment allows you to be free
  2. HEALTH – if you harbour crappy emotions they will fester into illness or ailments

Forgiveness is not about condoning what you or someone did or said but instead it allows for the release of toxic energy and sets you free.   I get that this might seem hard.

I used to struggle with the following concept until I experienced the tangible effect of forgiveness.
Everyone (yourself included) is doing the best they can with the tools they have.   To elaborate, the toolbox includes limiting beliefs, conscious awareness and the ability to take responsibility.

This little gem gives you simplicity. You don’t have to over analyse yourself or others. We are all on different levels.   It is what it is. You can only control your own happiness.

The key to forgiveness is an internal job. It takes time, dedication and practice. Shift your thoughts – shift your life.

Food for thought!
How many years are you prepared to hold onto anger towards yourself or someone else?    How many years are you prepared to let these feelings affect your happiness?  How long are you prepared to play small?    As when you are in this rut, what do you think is happening to your ripple?   It’s not as beautiful, powerful and abundant as it could be.

To your health and happiness always!

If you know someone who may need to hear this message – share the ripple.