The more I speak with women, the more I see the damage cause by living in the stress lane.   I’ve been there and it’s one hell of a bumpy ride.

The feedback I get is unanimous – women are over informed and stressed out.   They have lost all sense of intuition in every area of their lives.   They are worried about getting it wrong,  being judged,   disappointing someone or not being liked.   So, they run themselves raggered by being everything to everyone.  They adopt every new craze regardless of the compatibility (or lack of) for their body, their energy levels, their lifestyle or health.

The transition from calm to crazy gets activated and having out control of feelings, thoughts and actions becomes the new norm.  Can you relate??

Where is the damn pause button

Your breath is the pause button!   When you pause you reconnect with the present moment.   The present moment is the FASTEST way to divert your route out of the stress lane.  Your breath gives you the opportunity (even if for a few seconds) to choose again.

The benefits of the being present

  • Turns down the dial on the fight/flight mode,  giving your body/mind the chance to heal
  • Intuition improves as you become more in tune with your needs and likes
  • Decision making and assertiveness improves
  • Happiness and enjoyment of life improves


Meditation is a great tool to help you focus on your breathe. The best part – it doesn’t have to be complex at all! It can take as little as a few minutes and can be practiced anywhere/ anytime.

I’m here to get your started.

If you want a free guided meditation to get the wheels in motion – sign up here!

Otherwise give Belly Breathing a go:
Lie down or sit in a chair. Close your eyes or adopt a downward gaze. Place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your heart. Take an inhale breathe and feel your belly expand. On the exhale, feel your belly relax. This is one round. Repeat this 5 – 10 times. Sit with the eyes closed and observe with curiosity what comes up for you – feelings and thoughts.

To finding your calm within the crazy