We all know how it feels to be busy,  especially in today’s society where women are expected to juggle numerous roles.    Stress seems to be the norm and busy people wear some sort of badge of honour.    The problem is that overtime,  this pattern creates a feeling of overwhelm.    Stress begins to creep in as our list of responsibilities turns into a novel.    Sound familiar?

What I most commonly see with clients is a shift from excitement to obligation.   Being a YES lady for too long burns away the passion.

It’s in our nature to nurture so saying YES is a LOT easier for women to say than NO.   We want to please others and this turns into a boundary issue.    Hence our over complicated and hectic schedules.

So how do you get life back on track?

Take it back to basics and make happiness your guide.

We all have that THING that ignites the fire in our belly.   Some call it your WHY,  your mission,  your passion – it’s whatever inspires you to get up in the morning.

Know your WHY.   Every decision goes through this WHY – it becomes a YES/ NO process.   If it ignites your WHY then you are making the right choice for you, if it doesn’t then you know it’s a task to ignore.   Strong boundaries become part of life and your novel begins to diminish as your life gets more manageable.

This process also relates to careers, relationships, friendships and hobbies.  Same strategy, same result. Remember that life shouldn’t feel overcomplicated.

They key is to understand your passion

  1. Start with tuning into yourself.   Reflect on what makes you happy,   what ignites your belly and what legacy you want to leave behind.   These may seem like big daunting questions but by putting in the work and laying these foundations, you are reducing your long term stress tenfold.
  2. Make your WHY super accessible. Write it down, stick it on your mirror or on your vision board.   When you are faced with a tricky decision or start to feel like life is robotic in nature – this becomes your go to point.   It becomes your inner life coach and your accountability buddy.

Being happy is your birth right so don’t for one second think that you have to carry on the way you are. It’s all about choices, establishing boundaries and knowing your passions.

To your health and happiness always xx