I believe that feeling under the weather is our body’s way of communicating.   It’s up to us to interpret the signals and act accordingly.   Sometimes we need to slow down or re-evaluate our boundaries.   Sometimes we just need to let go and allow our body to express what it needs to express.    Making space in our day to reboot….. who would have thought this would be so challenging?

I had been feeling under the weather since the weekend with a sore throat and sore ears.  Thanks for the pash hubby – goes to show sore throats are a kissing curse after all.

Frustration kicked in as:

  1.  I don’t really get sick
  2. This week was jammed packed with FUN.   My weeks are normally very low key as being mum to an 18month old trumps my social life (my choice – I adore being a mumma)!

With an invite to the Ruby NZ Fashion Week show, I had a very good reason to hang up my mumma hat and opt for a sexier one.   Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to dress up and be surrounded by beautiful clothes and inspiring women (Ruby’s new TONIGHT TONIGHT range is amazing by the way)!.   Fashion aside, I also booked in a handful of social play with friends for the weekend.

For me, happiness is about filling your life with snippets of joy. It’s about those little moments that light you up from the inside. Feeling under the weather was not an option this week.  It’s in these moments that you learn to give up control of  the outcome (not an easy task)

My tips for rebooting your system:

  • Bone broth: I swapped my herbal teas for cups of bone broth
  • Green juice: It’s an easy and FAST way to rebuild your immune system
  • SLEEP:  Prioritise time to rest, your body needs the chance to repair itself
  • Yoga:  Release the stagnant energy and make space for new energy with gentle movement
  • Immune support: Ask the experts – a quick visit to Health 2000 for some herbal support

My beautiful acupuncturist said this expression was my body’s way of cleansing before Spring. Positive perspective – I’ll take that!

Regardless of what you believe, there are simple ways to support your body when you are feeling low.   My golden rule is when you feel something coming on – turn your Self Care practices up to full strength.  Be patient with yourself, your body and your expectations.  Your body knows best.  Trust it.

To your health and happiness always xx