After an amazing week at the beach house with hubby and the kids,  it was a rather rude awakening to find winter had arrived back in Auckland earlier this week (like overnight)!

I think it’s one of those mind over matter scenarios but I automatically started to feel fluey,  tired and run down.   My body was two steps ahead of me.

Winter is a time for hibernation and restoration.   It’s an opportunity to turn off the fight or flight mode for a few months and nurture your body.   The cold and rain is an invitation – it’s saying ‘cuddle up, listen to the gorgeous rain outside, sip hot soup, read a good book and chill the hell out’.

Operating on high alert and autopilot becomes the norm for our bodies, so when we finally stop, our bodies stop too. Colds, coughs, high emotions – a whole platter of stored up stress is released and we can end up feeling a tad blue.

So here is my take on it.   Seasons change and so do our behaviours – it’s normal.   It’s all about embracing the opportunity and making the most of this delicious time for self-care, reflection and abundant amounts of nourishment.

My top tips for staying ahead of the game this winter.

  • Make and consume Bone Broth – (Your go to cold annihilator )
    The benefits of bone broth are endless – inundated with minerals it heals your gut, supports digestion, fights inflammation, the collagen supports bone, hair and nail growth and it gives your body the golden internal shield to stay healthy.    You can use bone broth as a base for soups, drink it alone or add it in sauces or supplement it for water while cooking.  I did try diluting it in water and giving it to my 1 year old in her sippy cup but it ended in tears.   Mum clearly needs better tactics.
  • Up the warmth in your life
    Think warm nourishing foods, warm herbal teas, warm clothes and shoes and nourishing relationships.   Only spend time with people and situations that warm your heart.
  •  Time for reflection
    Winter is the perfect time to go inward. Utilise this down time to check in with yourself. How happy are you? Is life rocking your socks off?   If not?   What can you do about it?   Plan and prepare for new beginnings in Spring.
  • Move your body
    Keep the blood pumping, increase your flexibility and make sure to have your weekly serotonin shot.   Massages and other lymph draining practices are also part of this package.

Winter is the perfect time to create healthy lifestyle habits that will benefit you in the months ahead. It’s such a delicious time to up the accountability on your self-care practices and really evaluate what’s important in your life.