I was having a chat to a friend about what I do as a health and lifestyle coach .   A vague account about my goal to help women be healthy and happy didn’t appease her curiosity.   She dug deeper. I dug deeper (who needs a coach when you have friends huh)?

I told her I love to empower mums to take responsibility for their lives (health and happiness) because this flows on to their kids.  We talked about how kids look up to their parents and in turn mimic their actions, beliefs and habits.   We talked about how BIG this is.   How special it is when mums lead by example.  How it makes their kids feel happy, safe and gives them the tools to exceed in life.   Don’t worry mums, I have your back.   I explained that we all have our tricky days but it’s how we deal with those difficult situations that is key.

We talked through frustration and how it feels when parents act one way and then expect kids to act another way.   Little people get confused.   They react.   We react … and our ripple is off on a dangerous tangent.   The poignant question she asked was how I  help mums who are very stressed.   We discussed the metaphor of self-love – filling your own tank.   When mums feel good about themselves, it is easier for them to have more energy and show more love.

I know every mum has their own journey.  Believe me, I am far from perfect.  It’s not about judgement of the past.   It’s about taking control of your future.

Mums it is time to woman up

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, feel overwhelmed or too reactive – GET SUPPORT!   There are so many amazing people, services and networks out there.   Don’t want to invest??   This is one of the most common reactions.   My response – if you value yourself, your ripple effect and your role as a mum enough – you will find the money.  You are THAT important, THAT influential and THAT much of a game changer in the world.

We spend so much money on feeding our kids the most nutritious foods, providing them with beautiful clothes, fabulous educations and experiences.   BUT if mum isn’t coping – if mum feels like she is on autopilot and not present, or if mum is making poor health and lifestyle decisions…. Who do you think is watching, is practising and soaking up your heavy energy?

So I invite you to practice the mirror approach:

  • Spend this weekend observing the little people in your life. How are they acting? What are the reflecting about you?
  • Make ONE intention for the week ahead on how you can fill your self-love tank

Love to  hear how you get on but if you do need any support – drop me an e-mail.

To your health and happiness always x