Some words of wisdom ….
The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body’. Dr Bruce Lipton

Welcome to GRATITUDE!   It’s hard to contextualise what those in Nepal are going through – such utter destruction and sadness.   The flip side is that it’s impossible to not feel an overflow of gratitude for our own lives.   Perspective is everything.

This got me thinking about the dynamite that is gratitude and how this simple mind shift can dramatically change lives.

Hands up If you want to feel better about yourself, reduce that claustrophobic feeling of anxiety, create more abundance in your life, have easier and more rewarding relationships, feel sexier and more confident.   Drum roll please …… it all comes back to gratitude.

Creating a daily habit of gratitude is the ONE thing that I urge my clients to take on board (even if it is the only thing they do).   You see gratitude is like a second chance – it’s the universe giving you an opportunity to start over.

We have over 50,000 thoughts a day – and let’s be honest, for most of us, this is geared more towards the self-sabotaging fear based kind. THOUGHTS fuel your cells, your mind, actions and reality.   Thoughts override everything.   Shoddy thoughts create shoddy experiences.   Positive thoughts create positive experiences.   It really is that simple.

When I feel stress creep in during the day or a situation is getting the better of me, I revert back to my trusty steps.   Just because I’m a coach, doesn’t mean my life is always in order.  It just means that now I have the tools to bounce back faster. I practice gratitude everyday.

My go to steps:

  1. Push PAUSE on the negative talk and feelings
  2. Take a big belly BREATHE
  3. List at least THREE things you are grateful for
  4. Feel the CALM, inner happy feelings take over

Gratitude rewires your brain and you start to realise how beautiful your life really is.    Perspective emerges.   Situations don’t seem as overwhelming and a sense of control and empowerment begins to set in.   I’m not asking you to write out 100 things you are grateful for in one go (although I can highly recommend this).

Begin small, notice the tiny shifts and you will begin to crave more.  I can guarantee that the hurdle you were facing is smaller.   Even if for a second, you will begin to feel calmer and more compassionate.   The magic has started.

So, thank- you for reading this post , for your part in the ripple effect of creating a world of confident, happy and empowered women. Your actions are more powerful then you will ever know xx