If ticking or crossing something off your ‘To Do’ list is one of THE MOST satisfying pleasures in life….. Welcome to my tribe!

School holidays are here and for us it’s all about having FUN.   I adore our Bach at Pauanui – it takes the family back to basic living: car free, fancy appliance free, routine free and stress free.

However, a week away takes some serious planning.   Packing for a family of 5 and two dogs while making sure the horses are fed while we are away and the house is in order is no small feat.   Throw in a few home comforts such as the kids beloved cuddlies, my yoga gear, smoothie paraphernalia and a toddler with a cold (think bone broth, steamers etc) … there is a lot to organise.   And here we thought that buying a Bach meant just turning up with a good book – not so relevant with little people in your life.

If you know my story – I used to suffer from anxiety and so little things turned into big things.   I struggled to transition into relax mode which made holidaying a little ironic.

This is when I discovered the pure beauty of being organised.   A long ‘To Do’ list still teeters into the overwhelm category but a colourful list on gorgeous stationery?   Well that is pure inspiration on paper.   A stack of nicely packed containers in the boot – I would go as far as calling this art.

So here is my holiday planning survival kit:

  1. An array of coloured pens. I use Pilot – Fri Xion pens.  They come in great colours and the ink rubs out if you make a mistake (genius!).  These pens are like inspiration on steroids.
  2. Beautiful stationery. I use Kikki K or Sarah Laurie Lifestyle
  3. Big plastic containers – the ultimate ‘go between’ storage facility
  4. Essential oils spray – I use World Organic Breathe , Joy and Unwind. I pop a few drops in a spray bottle with water and I’m set. The kids think I’m nuts as I’m always spraying.
  5. Yoga mat – it’s my go to place when I need a few minutes to re-balance my mind, breath and body

At the end of the day your attitude creates the ripple and sets the tone for your holiday.   As much as I’m advocating the organised approach to life, please don’t take yourself too seriously.   Holidays are for having fun with your family and creating some awesome memories.

Enjoy xx