Throughout life we open and close many chapters, all the while learning and growing along this beautiful journey.

I found myself stuck in an old chapter which was limiting me from discovering my true potential of living a purpose driven life. A chapter that started with a lack of boundaries, giving away my power to others and neglecting myself, this resulted in a myriad of health problems, self-doubt and a clouded vision of my future.

Tarryn’s practical approach was the wake up call I needed to realise that my true potential lied within. Her supportive and encouraging nature meant I could feel completely at ease whilst confiding in her, having her utmost support while learning to let go of the old chapter, and her shared passion for my exciting new chapter.

The effective life-tools which Tarryn imparted to me have truly helped me reset my outlook on life, take control of my own destiny and ultimately be the best version of myself – my authentic self.

A priceless investment which will serve me for the rest of my life, allowing me the inner peace, gratitude, confidence and good-health with which to revel in each chapter.

Tarryn, I am forever grateful for crossing paths with you. Thank you for being authentic and for imparting your wisdom and inspiration upon my life. I wish for many others to have the same fortune as I have in finding their keys to success in all aspects of life, whilst in the care of your specialist guidance.

Sue Ann Hoffmann


I started seeing Tarryn in May 2013, I was struggling with headaches every morning, a diet with a lot of carbs and sugar and was challenged trying to find the balance with 3 little kids, finding time for my Husband and I, and time for myself.

Tarryn opened up my eyes to a whole new way of eating and having a life balance which I adapted into our way of life with my family and is working so well. I now see the importance of having some time to myself and how that has made me a better mother and wife.

I would always leave Tarryn’s sessions inspired and looking forward to the next time we were to meet and what information she would have for me.

She has such a kind and caring nature and really believes in what she is talking about, you know she knows what she is talking about because she lives and breaths everything she tells you.

My whole family has benefited by how she has inspired and motivated me to a healthy approach to eating and positive change to a healthy lifestyle, I no longer have my headaches and just, in general, feel healthier and happier.

Thank you Tarryn for all your help.

Melanie Kirkland

I thoroughly enjoyed my 8 week coaching session with Tarryn. In those 8 weeks I leant so much about myself and through Tarryn’s guidance I was able to get a very clear understanding about what has been holding me back from achieving the goals I so desire. I was able to instantly connect to Tarryn due to her amazing personality. Her sessions are filed with gratitude and compassion which are two values I firmly believe in. x

Alison Brenton - Rule, Coach


Tarryn you joined us for a fundraising event – ‘Mum’s Night Off’ in the local community of Wainui.

We thoroughly enjoyed having you part of this new and exciting event. The talk was informative and helpful for many of the ladies who attended the night.

We especially liked how you used personal references which gave so much weight and insight into what you were discussing.

We have had rave reviews on the speakers –It was a great asset to the evening having you part of it with us and we will definitely recommend you to any group for Stress management discussions, being a ‘supermum’ trying to do it all or even just a woman- there is so much we can all take on board and learn from what messages you share.

It was a pleasure having you join us, we hope to see you again soon.

Warmest regards and thank you.

Wainui School PTA


We asked Tarryn to come and speak as part of our Company Team Building Day. She spoke on Stress Management. Tarryn has an easy going, light hearted manner and instantly everyone felt comfortable with her. We had great feedback from our employees and everyone walked away with something that could help them either being in their work life or personal.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to any Company that maybe seeking some Corporate or Life Coaching and we will definitely be getting her back for future events.

Simone Price - DCP Air Conditioning




Tarryn Bellingham was asked to do a workshop on Stress Management at our Accounting and Business Advisory firm as part of our Health & Wellbeing Week.

Tarryn’s presentation was excellent – the Stress Management topic was extremely relevant and the presentation was polished and professional.  She really connected with the team and kept them engaged throughout the workshop.  Everyone really enjoyed her humour and candour, and we learned how the simplest strategies can make a difference in dealing with stress.   I’ve found the breathing techniques she showed us really helpful and try to remember to use them whenever I feel myself getting really stressed.

We definitely hope to get her back again for another workshop as part of our Health & Wellbeing Week.  Thanks again Tarryn for a great session!

Bonita Leary - Administration Manager, Bellingham Wallace



Tarryn is a godsend to anyone who is ‘too busy, too stressed, and can’t prioritise themselves.

We engaged Tarryn as a wellness speaker for our 2017 EMA Annual Admin Professionals Conference. She is an engaging and motivating speaker and suggested great strategies for managing stress in a fast paced corporate environment. Tarryn gives you simple tools, unbiased advice and real support. Tarryn is very relatable –  she has juggled a demanding corporate career, kids and a husband, on top of the various hurdles life throws you. I would certainly consider using Tarryn again and would not hesitate to recommend her to others

Conference and Event Producer at EMA - EMA | Employers & Manufacturers Association


Tarryn has spoken at many of my retreats and always covers the topics I ask of her with depth and knowledge.  I love how she brings in examples and makes the topics relatable to everyday life, giving our attendees something to take home with them to practice.  Tarryn is an excellent speaker and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Catherine Southwick - Founder, Stoney Creek Retreat



I absolutely loved working with Tarryn and having her present at one of Balancing Act’s retreats. She knows how to clearly equip people with strategies, knowledge and support to achieve a happier and more balanced lifestyle! If you are looking for someone to help you, your employees or community live a life that reflects the real you, Tarryn is the perfect mentor for just that. And her genuine loving personality helps too

Karina Salib - Founder, Balancing Act