I’m on a mission to be more AUTHENTIC (the new buzz word at the moment) in all areas of my life. For me, when you are living in a way that coincides with what you expect from others or in what you say you stand for…life gets easier!

People can sniff out a fraud pretty quickly. If you profess to eating real food 24/7 and you secretly scoff down sugary laden treats or you expect your partner to be romantic yet you don’t make any effort yourself or you yell at your kids for being rude and yelling (ironic huh). You get the picture…

It’s not only confusing for those around you; it can be damn right stressful for you! When you feel fake, feelings such as guilt, anger, sadness, resentment and anxiety can creep in and lead to unhealthy lifestyle habits. You begin to move further away from the real you and the further away you move, the more comfortable you get with being uncomfortable. Not a healthy path to venture down.

Since becoming a mum, my focus has shifted firmly towards my responsibilities in life and the beautiful analogy of the ripple effect. Leading by example gives you the opportunity to infuse your personal values and vision to those around you, sets the tone for how they show up in the world and the ripple is unleashed.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my AUTHENTIC project than with my personal life – as Mumma, step mumma and wife! Let’s be honest – home is where we tend to be the most REAL – so fine tuning this area sets a great foundation for all other areas of  life.

Over the weekend we co-created ‘Family Rules ‘to instil a transparent, sustainable, loving, family unit. Together hubby, Miss 5 and 7 and I (miss 9 months was asleep in the sling) came up with 27 rules then narrowed it down to 11 Key Rules. The kids were thrilled that the grownups had to abide by the same rules as them and we were thrilled to have their buy- in (and excitement). Our accountable structure is our commitment (as small as it may seem) to the bigger ripple effect.

Want to start your own AUTHENTIC project?

  • Start with clarity – what do you stand for?
  • Lead by example
  • Create an environment or support structure that spreads the ripple effect

Being comfortable and happy in your own skin is paramount to finding Internal Balance.  It’s your opportunity to make a difference xx