Do you wake up and immediately reach for your phone to check the latest Facebook or Instagram post or skim read your list of unanswered e-mails? Do feel the knot in your stomach tighten as your morning ritual is underway and feel the stress pot begin to boil?

Do you then berate yourself for your toxic start as you watch your best intentions fall by the wayside? Did you envisage starting the day in a Zen like state of mind through meditation, reciting your gratitude list and affirmations?

These days we are so blessed to have technology at our fingertips. We can work from any location, access information instantly and conduct Skype meetings with people across the globe. It’s a game changer for business, lifestyle and success.

BUT…. And the BIG but …. Are the expectations that come with this fast passed, anytime, anywhere type of lifestyle. It becomes an assumption that you are ALWAYS available. Multi-tasking is the new norm and if you can’t answer an e-mail while having breakfast or update your Facebook status while playing with your kids, then you are not up to speed. Throw in kids, work, family and community commitments and it’s all on.

I’m a huge advocate of technology – it’s given me the opportunity to create the perfect lifestyle for me and my family. I get to be the hands on mum and stepmum, the business woman that is making a difference while filling my tank with friends, exercise and things that inspire and empower me.

The trick is your ability to fine tune your boundaries and to live by your own expectations. You are the only one who knows the importance of your lofty health and lifestyle goals. Therefore, make technology work for you!
Living by other people’s expectations will create stress, a misalignment of your values and goals and a spiral to unhealthy habits.

5 ways to make technology work for you:

  1. Create morning/evening rituals – i.e. no Facebook after 9.30pm
  2. Plan and prioritise online usage on the weekend
  3. Engage an accountability buddy – i.e. your partner who can keep you on track
  4. Be present (basically find the manners your mumma taught you)
    • If you are eating breakfast, eat, enjoy and allow your body to be nourished
    • If you are playing with you children, engage with them, have fun and focus
  5. Technology rehab – Once a month disconnect completely for a day or two (the world will keep spinning, I promise)!

I’d love to hear your tips on how technology works for you.